「音楽には2つのカテゴリーしかない。ソウルフルであるか、そうでないかだ」 Flea a.k.a. Michael Peter Balzary (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)


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Hottest Wedding Reception Ever!

Check this out! This wedding reception was better than a concert! This couple definitely has it going on. Ladies and gentleman, let's give Mr. & Mrs. Theo MaGee III some props because they really did the damn thing! You probably saw a small bit of this one, now check out the best part of the video.Please share this video and don't forget to like the "Good Black Men" page. You don't want to miss our upcoming interview with these two. We will be talking to them in the next few weeks to see how this perfect couple got together and how they planned this amazing wedding. She definitely found and locked down a good man. Let's find out how she did it!

Posted by Good Black Men on 2013年1月3日